Those practicing and teaching EBM have felt a need to belong to some wider group for communication (conference, journal, listserv, etc) with other EBMers working in the area, but do not feel adequately served by any of the current organisations. There is also a need for a recognised organisation that can lobby for curricula change, funding, etc. An example is the “Sicily Statement” on a curriculum for EBM (published in BMC).

The mission of the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care (ISEHC) is to develop, and encourage research in, the appropriate usage of evidence in health care decision making and to promote and provide professional and public education in the field.

To help achieve this mission, the Society would undertake a number of activities including:

  1. Develop and promote teaching of health professionals and the public regarding EBHC, through practice and trainer education and developing educational materials,
  2. Hold regular national and international society meetings in evidence-based health care,
  3. Provide forums for communication, including a website, regular newsletter, and a society journal
  4. Foster and promote research in the use, practice, and processes of evidence based health care.
  5. Advocate for training, development, and research in Evidence-Based Health Care nationally and globally.

Board members

Carl Heneghan (UK), Cliff Chen (Taiwan), Craig Mellis (Australia), Dragan Ilic (Australia), Gordon Guyatt (Canada), Hossam Hamdy (UAE), Jose Emparanza (Spain), Kameshwar Prasad (India), Lubna Al-Ansary (Saudi Arabia), Nino Cartabellotta (Italy), Peter Tugwell (Canada), Taryn Young (South Africa), Victor Montori (USA).

Founding board members

Kameshwar Prasad (India), Gordon Guyatt (Canada), Paul Glasziou (Australia), Carl Heneghan (UK), Ken Kuo (Taiwan), Nino Cartabellotta (Italy), Jose Emparanza (Spain), Hilda Bastian (Germany), Lubna A. Al-Ansary (Saudi Arabia), Dave Davis (Canada), Sally Green (Australia), Regina Kunz (Switzerland), Peter Tugwell (Canada), Late Mahmoud El Barbary (Saudi Arabia), Victor Montori (USA).

Last update 09/09/2019