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The ecosystem of evidence: connecting generation, synthesis and translation

8th International Conference for EBHC Teachers and Developers
Taormina (Italy), 25th - 28th October 2017

GIMBE Foundation wishes to thank all speakers and delegates who made the 8th EBHC International Conference such an amazing experience.

Worldwide EBHC champions have traced the way forward through the ecosystem of evidence while dozens of researchers have presented their own experiences. It has been an exciting journey from REWARD recommendations for increasing value and reducing waste of research to promises and results of reporting guidelines collected by EQUATOR Network; from the role and responsibilities of biomedical journals for improving the trustworthiness of evidence to the evolving science of evidence synthesis; from recent innovations in the GRADE approach to international standards and current challenges for developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines; from shared decision making as the best way to apply evidence to individual patient, to the failure of knowledge translation and to the use of evidence in health policy making.

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