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Sicily is an island with a magical fascination, where it is possible to find traces of cultures that are thousands of years old, the result of century upon century of domination by foreign powers, at times enlightening and at times upsetting, which have left their mark on the culture and traditions of the island's inhabitants, on their physical features, their religious festivals, rites and beliefs.

From Greek temples to Roman villas, cave paintings to Phoenician towers, Baroque palaces to Art-Deco villas, Roman mosaics to those of the Byzantine period, not to mention churches, cathedrals, mosques, castles and fortified farmhouses: you will need to cover hundreds of kilometres to find them but, as you do, you will have an opportunity also to discover the natural beauty of the island. You will be delighted by the vision in front of you: the blue and gold of sand dunes and the Mediterranean sea, the black and white of snow against the volcanic rock of Etna, the green and gold of wheat fields and vines, the green of the ancient olive trees and of thorny cactus plants, the brown and dark red of the earth and parched fields.

Last update 01/07/2016